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Him Eco Bricks is the best thing to have around your building. Him Eco Bricks is one of India’s best brick manufacturing companies. The business approach of Him Eco Bricks incorporates sustainability.

Him Eco has developed smart solutions for rural and semi-urban development that provide affordability and the finest quality building materials, saving in labour, plaster, mortar, POP, and putty. These solutions take into consideration the environment, water, nature, and most significantly, the economy. The Him Eco Bricks bring all the elements that concentrate on the production of the material to boost the strength that may be utilized as loading bearing walls. The absence of wetness causes high compression and long-lasting structure because of this. Its bonding strength lasts longer since the water absorption capability is less than 7%. In addition to being cost-effective, this material has zero efflorescence and salinity tendency, giving paint and putty a long lifespan. During the production process, it might save up to 20% on sand and cement. Concrete bricks must be used in government projects, according to orders from the Supreme Court of India and the National Green Tribunal. Him Eco concrete bricks produce no pollutants as a result. The best aspect is that it can be applied to walls directly using putty instead of plaster, which saves money on cement, sand, and labour costs.

Him Eco Products

Hollow Blocks

The concrete masonry unit with a rectangular building block that is a standard size is produced by Him Eco.

Because of its huge dimensions, it speeds up the process of building walls. Him Eco produces hollow, lightweight blocks, which have consistently shown to be a crucial component of modern building. It works best in non-load bearing or in-fill walls for the purposes of soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Him Eco Products

Him Eco Pavers

Pavers are a type of bricks that Him Eco manufactures to lay them flat on the ground. With hues that never fade, Him Eco pavers give a level of improved appearance.

Brick pavers are a type of brick that is manufactured to be laid flat on the ground. Also known as pavers tiles, these thin yet sturdy pavement bricks are used to not only add flair to the ground but also to add a certain level of cosiness to the overall look. With a colour that will never fade, these outdoor paving tiles are mostly preferred in the hospitality industry but have begun to be a great feature in homes and home gardens as well.

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After a successful operating more than 180 Green building centres all over India.

ACC Green Building Centre have taken a very vital initiative in Himalayan region for the manufacturing of Eco friendly sustainable concrete Bricks. Which is a durable, eco-friendly and economical solutions for building construction without creating any sort of pollution or disturbing the sensitive Himalayan ecology. The success and sustainability already proven after immense acceptance and great feedback from our customers all over India.

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